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An anti-casino sign seen on a Toronto front lawn during the debate.Fred Lu

City manager Joe Pennachetti says Toronto's casino discussion cost at least $370,000.

City council last month voted against both a massive new downtown casino and expanded gaming at Woodbine.

Following the vote, Councillor Mary Fragedakis sent Mr. Pennachetti a letter asking for "information related to the direct, indirect and opportunity costs associated with the casino file."

In a letter responding to the inquiry, dated last week but publicly released Monday, Mr. Pennachetti said there were $313,000 in consultant costs and $57,100 in public consultation costs. The amounts do not include HST.

The consultant costs include $155,000 to DPRA for organizing the public consultation, and $135,000 to Ernst & Young for a report, research and analysis.

The public consultation costs include $36,200 in advertising, as well as $12,200 for translation services.

Ms. Fragedakis had also asked Mr. Pennachetti which city projects were delayed while Toronto considered expanded gaming.

Mr. Pennachetti said city staff "adapted to the work load associated with the casino issue through extended work hours and reprioritization as required," minimizing significant delays for other projects and with no additional impact on the operating budget.

Ms. Fragedakis has said she made the inquiry because it's important for Torontonians to know how much the casino process cost.

Mayor Rob Ford and his councillor brother Doug said on their radio show Sunday that they will ask council to revisit the vote for expanded gaming at Woodbine.

The Fords have been criticized by members of council for their handling of the Woodbine file.

Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby said the mayor and his brother were too focused on "trying to sell a casino downtown that had little support" and did not make Woodbine a priority.

Councillor Josh Colle said he did not have one discussion with the mayor's staff on the issue and more effort was made to get a burger stand outside City Hall than to lobby for Woodbine.