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Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby says Councillor Doug Ford wrongly suggested on his weekly radio show that she was one of the councillors who killed the Woodbine casino expansion.

Councillor Gloria Lindsay Luby wants an apology from Councillor Doug Ford for comments he made about her and the Woodbine casino vote.

Ms. Lindsay Luby released a letter Wednesday that accuses Councillor Ford of mis-characterizing her position on the Woodbine casino expansion. Council voted against both the Woodbine expansion and a new downtown casino last week.

Councillor Ford refused to comment.

Ms. Lindsay Luby says Mr. Ford wrongly suggested on his weekly radio show that she was one of the councillors who killed the Woodbine expansion. Her letter includes a copy of the council record that shows she voted alongside both Councillor Ford and his brother, Mayor Rob Ford.

"Before the vote, I did my best to get consensus from all sides of council to endorse the Woodbine site. I did not get help from you or the Mayor on this because you were too focused trying to sell a casino downtown that had little support," the letter says. "Never in this process did you make Woodbine a number one priority despite what it meant to working people in Etobicoke."

Ms. Lindsay Luby is not the only councillor to question the Ford administration's handling of the Woodbine expansion.

Councillor Josh Colle has said the administration lost its focus. Mr. Colle, who supported the expansion, said he did not have one discussion with the mayor's staff on the issue and no attempt was made to secure his vote. He said more effort was made to get a burger stand outside City Hall than to lobby for the Woodbine vote.

Meanwhile, Toronto's vote against a new casino could be the city of Vaughan's gain. That municipality's council has voted to declare its interest in hosting a casino to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp.

"Building a world-class cultural and entertainment district in the City of Vaughan is consistent with our mission to create and expand opportunities for our citizens. Council's decision reflects our commitment to becoming a key economic development driver of the GTA by creating jobs, encouraging investment and pursuing opportunities that will enhance our quality of life and standard of living," Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua wrote in a statement.

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