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Epic Burgers and Waffles, known for their heart-stopping burgers, created The Bacon Jam Cronut Burger with Le Dolci, Toronto's fun foodie studio. The Cronut Burger is already being hailed by The Ex as "the star" of the Canadian National Exhibition 2013.Hand-out

The Cronut Burger, which debuted with much buzz Friday at the opening of the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto, risks drawing the ire of the New York chef who carefully guards the name of the doughnut-croissant hybrid he invented.

Dominique Ansel launched the Cronut in May at his eponymous Manhattan bakery. He trademarked the name, and his lawyers have been quick to send legal notifications to rival bakeries using the moniker to sell knockoffs of the light doughnut with fluffy pastry layers.

Toronto's Le Dolci Bakery and Epic Burger and Waffles are using their version of the pastry as buns on the attraction they're selling at the CNE and calling the Cronut Burger.

The manager at Dominique Ansel Bakery said they know about the Cronut Burger debuting at the CNE this year and are not eager to share the name. "We're not looking to do that," said baker manager Anthony, who would only give his first name. He could not confirm whether lawyers for the bakery have sent any notifications to the burger's creators in Toronto.

No one from Le Dolci Bakery or Epic Burger and Waffles was available to comment, and for now at least the controversial burger with a beef patty and cheese wedged between two cinnamon-sugar coated Cronuts topped with maple bacon jam will be available for $10 at the CNE until September 2, 2013.