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Composite sketch of suspect in 1992 sexual assault cold case investigation with blond and brown hair.

DNA evidence and two composite sketches of a suspect have Toronto police hoping they can crack two cold cases in two different cities.

Det. Ali Ansari of the cold case section of the Toronto police sex crimes unit says DNA evidence shows the same suspect is linked to an unsolved 1992 sexual assault against a woman in Toronto and another in Vancouver in 1985.

Ansari says the suspect has never been identified but they are offering a $50,000 reward for information that helps identify, arrest and convict the person responsible.

Composite sketches of the suspect, which were done with the help of the victims at the time of the crimes, have also been released by police.

Ansari says while years have gone by since the crimes, police are not giving up on solving them.

He's calling the reward money "the icing on the cake."