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Doug Ford, left, and Rob Ford in November, 2010.Tim Fraser for The Globe and Mail

Doug Ford tips the scales at 274 pounds these days, but he and his brother the mayor are planning to shed some weight and are challenging the mayors of other big cities to do the same. They will be setting up a scale a city hall next week and plan to hold weigh-ins with the aim of raising money for charities.

Doug Ford

We want to reach out to other cities across Canada. The mayor is going to contact a few of the mayors - the mayor of Calgary, Vancouver Montreal. We're going to call our best friend in the world, Hazel. Not that she needs to lose weight, but maybe people in Mississauga want to get in on the challenge.

We are just ironing out the details. We want people like The Globe to get involved and have pledge sheets then whatever charitable organization they want to donate to, they will be able to do that.

Q. What about yourself?

I am going to focus on the children's nutrition program. I have a soft spot for that. I know Rob wants to work with SickKids [hospital]and childhood obesity programs.

Q. Do you have a personal goal?

50 pounds.

Q. What timeline are you giving yourself?

Talking to nutritionists, they have said spread it out over six months, if you cram it into three it is not healthy.

Q. Have you ever lost that much weight before?

Oh yeah. I have lost 60 pounds before, about eight years ago. I kept it off for about a year, year and a half. They crept back on 10 pounds at a time. You know what the difference is now – we have millions of people watching us. You feel the pressure.

Q. Have you gained weight since you took office?

Yeah, probably 10 pounds. That's just an excuse. Rob and I have talked about that. You work seven days a week, 18 hours a day, that's an excuse. Change your lifestyle. Out of those 18 hours, take an hour to work out. Cut your meals in half.

Q. What's your plan?

First thing in the morning, all my girls, my wife and four girls, we have a gym in our basement and they are working out. I am upstairs wolfing down Shreddies. So I am going to change that. It is all about convenience. We should stick one of those stationary bicycles in the mayor's office and get him on there.

Q. What about the mayor?

Rob is going to speak to this on Monday. He is pushing me worse than I am pushing him. He is all over me.

Q. Was this your idea?

Rob's too. He wants to lose weight.

Q. Was this a conversation you had over the holiday?

Absolutely. Over turkey dinner.