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A new foul-mouthed video of Rob Ford has emerged as his brother is promising that the family will present proof on Friday that the Toronto Mayor has genuinely been in rehab since he took a leave from office.

In the short video, which was obtained by the Toronto Sun, the mayor talks about hitting someone and says his marriage is in trouble.

The video was shot at a west-end bar on Weston Road on April 27, the Sun said. It was during that same period that two other recordings of the mayor were shot: a video seen by The Globe of Mr. Ford smoking what has been described as crack cocaine on April 26, and an audio file obtained by the Sun of Mr. Ford uttering lewd, racist remarks in a bar on April 28.

The two recordings, which were made public April 30, forced Mr. Ford to announce he would take a leave of absence to seek treatment for his drinking problem.

In the latest video, which lasts 47 seconds, Mr. Ford, in necktie and white shirt, walks around a bar.

Waving his arms, he talks in an agitated fashion without looking at anyone in particular.

"I'm going to kick him in the [expletive] head … I'll knock him out, pah-pow!," he says as he punches the air.

"That's a cute one," says a man with a baseball cap as he puts his arm on Mr. Ford's shoulders.

"Jack, Jack, Jack, sweetheart, Jack," Mr. Ford says, rubbing his tummy.

"It's last call," a woman's voice is heard saying.

"Ok, I'm out of here, I'm in [expletive] divorce and going to the [expletive] doghouse," Mr. Ford says.

"I'm going to a hotel. I'm at [expletive] loose ends."

Mr. Ford's presence in a treatment centre has been questioned because he turned around after flying to Chicago, then gave two interviews on two consecutive days with the Sun where he gushed about how "amazing" rehab has been.

The latest video was made public as the mayor's brother and campaign manager, Doug Ford said he will release information to corroborate that the mayor is truly getting treatment.

"We'll put out something [Friday] that will prove that," Doug Ford told the Sun. "Since the day he went in, he has never been out in public."