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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford speaks to supporters in Toronto on Monday, October 27, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darren CalabreseThe Canadian Press

Even from his hospital bed, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is still railing against spending, issuing a press release Thursday slamming councillors' expenses.

Mr. Ford's statement comes after the city released details of councillors' spending, showing that some members of council expensed over $17,000 in the third quarter for things like office space, cellphones and Internet service. Mayor Ford and Doug Ford – who have made a point to rely on their personal wealth rather than public budgets -- expensed the city $0 for the third quarter.

"This is not how you respect taxpayers' hard earned money," Mr. Ford's statement read. "I believe City Council must lead by example when it comes to their statement."

The statement was released while Mr. Ford remains in hospital undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, his chief of staff Dan Jacobs confirmed.

"We're constantly speaking with the mayor and taking information back and forth," Mr. Jacobs said.

Mr. Ford ends his term as mayor next month. At that point, he will be sworn in as councillor of Ward 2 in Etobicoke.

"I will fight against any plans to raise expense accounts for City Councillors next term," Mr. Ford's statement said. "I urge the rest of City Council to do the same."