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Darwin the monkey is pictured in this handout photo taken by Toronto Animal Services, December 10, 2012.Reuters

The saga of the IKEA monkey appears to be far from over.

A judge ruled last month that Yasmin Nakhuda could not get Darwin the monkey back after he escaped from her car in December outside an IKEA store in Toronto.

But Nakhuda, who refers to herself as the monkey's "mom," is now taking her case to Ontario's highest court, where her lawyers filed a notice of appeal this week.

Nakhuda is asking the Court of Appeal for Ontario to overturn the decision, order the monkey returned to her and order Story Book Farm Primate Sanctuary to pay her legal bills.

Darwin was sent to the sanctuary in Sunderland, Ont., after animal services scooped him up at the IKEA, and the judge relied on a wild animal legal principle to rule that the monkey should stay there.

Nakhuda lists 10 grounds of appeal, arguing the judge made mistakes in nearly every area of her judgment.