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A TTC bus cross the corner of Warden and Sheppard Ave East in Scarborough, Dec. 11, 2010.J.P. Moczulski for The Globe and Mail

A Toronto man was charged with threatening death against a TTC bus driver Monday, the day after another transit employee was shot in a ticket booth.

Toronto police say the 23-year-old man boarded a bus in Etobicoke, at Kipling Avenue and Hayhurst Drive on Monday at about 7:15 p.m. When the passenger didn't pay the fare, the driver told the man the amount he needed to pay. Another customer paid the fare when the man said he only had a credit card to pay with, Detective Darren Yeo said.

"For some reason, he was still upset with the driver," Det. Yeo said. The accused then told the driver "he would stab him and cut him up."

Afterward, the man moved toward the driver, putting his face close to where the TTC employee isn't protected by a screen barrier, Det. Yeo said. He said the man made reference to the shooting of a TTC fare collector the day before at Dupont Station during a robbery.

At that point, Det. Yeo said, the driver stopped the bus and pushed an emergency button that dispatches police, but the accused immediately got off the bus. Police said the man then got on another bus, where he was co-operative with the driver.

Det. Yeo said the man was also co-operative with officers when they arrested him shortly after, when they found him on the second bus.

Nawras Zora is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.