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Richard Kachkar, the man accused of murder in the snowplow death of a Toronto police officer made his first appearance before a packed courtroom on Jan. 21, 2011.

The Crown is telling a jury that a man who killed a Toronto police officer may have had some psychotic symptoms but knew what he was doing when he hit the officer with a stolen snow plow.

The defence is asking the jury in the first-degree murder trial of Richard Kachkar, 46, to find him not criminally responsible by reason of mental disorder.

Kachkar's lawyer says his client was psychotic and had completely lost touch with reality when he ran down Sgt. Ryan Russell, 35, with a snow plow two years ago.

But the Crown, in its closing submissions today, is telling the jury that even though Kachkar was yelling about Chinese technology, the Taliban and said "it's all a Russian video game," he has never given a psychotic reason for driving straight at Russell.

Crown Attorney Christine McGoey says Kachkar had plenty of time to avoid hitting Russell, but he didn't, as she says he intended to kill the police officer.

McGoey suggests Kachkar wanted to commit suicide didn't want to actually do it himself, so he may have tried to force that on Russell in a "kill or be killed" situation.