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Progressive Conservative candidate Doug Holyday, right, speaks to resident Mayank Sharma, 38, in Etobicoke, Ontario Friday, July 26, 2013.Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail

Two days before a provincial by-election that will determine five seats in the Ontario legislature, Liberal candidate Peter Milczyn is again claiming his Progressive Conservative opponent broke rules while campaigning.

The Liberal pick for the Etobicoke-Lakeshore riding has accused PC candidate Doug Holyday of breaking rules by posing with election signs for a photo on a TTC platform.

"Doug Holyday is showing complete disregard for the rules and using City resources as though they were his," said Mr. Milczyn in a release Tuesday.

"Does Doug Holyday believe the rules don't apply to him?"

The criticism came after Mr. Milczyn's team discovered a photo on Mr. Holyday's website of the candidate posing on a TTC subway platform with two election signs. The Liberals claim this is in violation of a city by-law that restricts photography and electioneering on TTC property.

Last week, Mr. Milczyn made a complaint to the city integrity commissioner after Mr. Holyday used a city-contracted garbage truck as part of a photo op. On Monday, the Liberal party also complained to Elections Ontario about the truck.

Though a statement drawing attention to the TTC photo was released Tuesday, no formal complaints have been filed, according to Mr. Milczyn's media liaison.

Mr. Holyday said Tuesday the complaints are an attempt to change the dialogue of the by-election.

"The real issues here aren't whether I've campaigned in front of a TTC subway station or whether or not I've had a garbage truck in the back of a media event. It's whether they've bungled the finances at Queen's Park," Mr. Holday said.

Provincial PC party leader Tim Hudak, who was campaigning with Mr. Holyday Tuesday, was displeased with the attacks.

"It's Tuesday so it's another complaint of some kind from Peter Milczyn," Mr. Hudak said.

The photo in question was taken as Mr. Holyday was on his way to a campaign event via subway, according to campaign manager Christine Bujold.

"He did not have a campaign event on a subway platform," Ms. Bujold said.

The riding is a particularly heated race, with the PC and Liberal candi dates neck-in-neck to replace former provincial education minister Laurel Broten in the August 1 vote.