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A new batch of Rob Ford bobbleheads will be offered for sale on Dec. 20, with a more realistic face than the previous models and a red tie instead of a blue one.ANN HUI/The Globe and Mail

A new batch of Mayor Rob Ford bobbleheads have arrived at Toronto City Hall, and will be available for sale to the public Friday afternoon.

1,000 of the new bobbleheads, or "Robbie Bobbies," will be available for sale for $20 each at noon at Toronto City Hall. Last month, members of the public stood in line at City Hall for hours to buy one of the first batch of bobbleheads, with proceeds benefiting the United Way.

At the time, many complained that the bobblehead didn't resemble the controversial mayor. The new batch has a slightly fuller face, and features the mayor wearing a red tie instead of a blue one.

"It looks like me," he said Wednesday. "It's got a red tie now instead of a blue tie, so I've covered both Liberals and Conservatives."

Mr. Ford spent some of Wednesday afternoon signing the new bobbleheads, and said that hundreds of the new batch are already accounted for. He anticipates he will likely have to order yet another batch.

Proceeds from the second batch of bobbleheads will benefit the Canadian Cancer Society.

"My dad died of colon cancer. My mom had breast cancer and a mastectomy and just came out of surgery a few weeks ago," he said. "Cancer's terrible. I know everyone knows somebody who has cancer. I've seen too many people die of cancer."