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Amanda Todd

Parents of students in a grade 5/6 class in Durham region are upset after a teacher showed their kids the video British Columbia teen Amanda Todd made before she died by suicide two months ago.

In the video, viewed by millions of people around the world, the Port Coquitlam, B.C., teenager outlines her suffering from physical and online bullying.

Paul Kreutzer said his 10-year-old daughter is extremely distressed after the class of more than 20 kids watched the video on Wednesday, followed by a discussion Mr. Kreutzer said involved "information of a sexual nature." He said his daughter left her class at Goodwood Public School immediately after the discussion, called home sick and burst into tears.

The teacher's decision to show the video was "reckless" and "highly inappropriate," he said, adding the discussion after the fact was what "tipped" him.

"The teacher in question, I guess, has a history of being a social worker," Mr. Kreutzer said. "For some reason or another she started sharing information about specific case details, a case she worked as a social worker where the father came home and murdered the kids."

The school deferred comments on the issue to the board, which said choosing support materials that work with the class curriculum is up to the teacher.

But, in this case, the video was "clearly not acceptable," Durham District School Board superintendent Anne Marie Laginski said, and memos have been sent to all schools in the district telling them not to show the video.

Mr. Kreutzer said he met with the principal Thursday and spoke with Ms. Laginski Friday.

He said other parents are equally livid and he wants the teacher gone.

For now, the teacher is continuing to work at the school.