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Toronto Mayoral candidate Rob FordDella Rollins

Editor's Note: The following exchange contains profanities that may offend some readers. It was transcribed from tape by The Globe and Mail.

Dieter Doneit-Henderson: That's how the e-mails came off, like we were complete strangers. You didn't know who the hell we were, literally. (This is a reference to e-mails the two previously exchanged.)

Rob Ford: Ok, call Dougie (campaign manager and brother Doug Ford) tomorrow. See if you can make it to this wine and cheese. You can bring a whole ton of friends. It's free, buddy. There's a ton of booze, a ton of food. You guys'll have a really good time, trust me...

Doneit-Henderson: Can you find OxyContin for me, Rob?

Ford: Huh?

Doneit-Henderson: Can you find OxyContin, so I can get on the medication ...

Ford: I'll try buddy, I'll try. I don't know this shit, but I'll fucking try to find it.

Doneit-Henderson: How about your brother mentioned your guys' doctor. Did you guys ever look into that?

Ford: He said that you've got to come personally.

Doneit-Henderson: Oh well, hey listen, I'm ready to go. I mean I'd even go down there now in all this pain.

Ford: What does OxyContin go for on the street, so I have an idea?

Doneit-Henderson: OxyContins? I would have no idea how much they cost on the street. The last time I bought street drugs, Rob, was in 2001 with George Smitherman. (A spokesman for Mr. Smitherman denied this and said the candidate has never met Mr. Doneit-Henderson.)

Ford: Like, is there all just one OxyContin or is there different strengths?

Doneit-Henderson: There's different strengths so you have, I believe there's a 5 mg, a 10 mg. I'm on 40 mg. I think it goes up to 80 or 160, one of the two.

Ford: Shit. OK. I'll see what I can do, buddy ...

Doneit-Henderson: If I had at least two or three or four of those, then that would actually probably chill the pain enough that I would be able to get in your guys' car and come out because I want to be there, Rob, obviously. Fucking, do you know how depressed I was on your birthday, dude? I sat in my bed and I fucking cried my fucking eyes out ...

Ford: Leave it with me. I don't know what I can do, buddy. I have no idea ... I'll go ask my doctor. I don't know, I'll have to ask some people on the street to see what's going on.

Doneit-Henderson: Rob, if your doctor wants me to be there, I would go down there now, as much pain as I'm in. So this is not a case of I can't come. I will go. I just went all the way with TTC downtown. Can you imagine that?

Ford: Leave this with me. Call Doug tomorrow, we'll see if I can't, uh, I know I won't be able to. But I have no idea. Fuck, you know, I don't know any drug dealers at all.

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