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Occupy Toronto protesters clash with police while they march north on University Ave. in Toronto on Friday March 30, 2012. Toronto police say four Occupy Toronto protesters are under arrest following their eviction from a camp near city hall on Friday afternoon.

Toronto police arrested four people Friday while evicting an Occupy Toronto encampment outside a downtown courthouse, and picked up a fifth person after a later protest.

It began around 1 p.m., when officers were called to the rotunda outside 361 University Avenue to roust protesters who had set up tents. Police said one man started yelling and they ordered him to leave. When he refused, they tried to arrest him, leading to a struggle.

Three other people joined in and were also arrested, police said.

Protesters said the man was delivering a speech to police about protesters' rights. One of the other women arrested was thrown to the ground and punched in the face, they said, while two others were arrested for videoing the incident.

They said the woman was taken to hospital with an injured eye, while the man was treated at another hospital under police guard.

Police said the pair received minor injuries.

Later in the evening, occupiers protested the arrests outside downtown 52 division police station and then marched back towards the scene of the original arrests. One person was arrested as they blocked a limousine.

John Erb, 44, faced charges of causing a disturbance, assault with intent to resist arrest, assaulting a peace officer, possession of marijuana and failure to comply with probation. Angela Turvey, 36, is charged with obstructing a peace officer and assault with intent to resist arrest. Alice Evonic, 19, is charged with obstructing a peace officer. Craig Poirer, 35, is charged with obstructing a peace officer, assault with intent to resist arrest and possession of marijuana.

With a report from the Canadian Press