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Fare payment on Go Transit buses and trains can be made with a Presto card.

GO Transit monthly passes will soon become a thing of the past.

On Jan. 1, riders who don't want to stand in lineups to pay for individual fares will have to buy a Presto card.

The electronic fare card can be reloaded at GO stations, online, by phone, or through pre-approved credit card deductions.

The card can be used across the GO network of buses, trains, and 14 Toronto Transit Commission subway stations.

Riders use the card by tapping it 'on' at a payment device before boarding their train or bus, then tapping off when they reach their destination.

Those who regularly travel between the same two stops can set a default trip.

Riders concerned about losing their card can register them online. If the card is misplaced, GO will replace it.

The Presto card, just like the monthly pass, is tax deductible, under the public transit tax credit.

GO Transit says riders opting for the Presto card will be offered a loyalty discount of at least 7.5 per cent off the single adult fare.

According to GO, approximately 350,000 Presto cards are currently in use.