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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford received an unlikely visitor at his City Hall office Thursday afternoon: Canadian rapper Snow, who dropped in to pledge his support.

The rapper, whose real name is Darrin O'Brien, met briefly with the mayor Thursday, and told reporters afterwards that it was to tell the mayor that he thinks he's doing a good job.

"I guess he's been through a whole lots more than I have," Mr. O'Brien said. "You just gotta ease up on him. Say let him run, because he is doing good. If he's messing up and stuff, I'd say 'kick him out.' But I don't know, I do feel he's doing good so, I gotta support."

The musician, who is best known for his 1992 single "Informer," said that he and the mayor didn't talk about politics during their visit. "No politics, nothing. Just life," he said. "You know, where I'm from, where he's from. He's doing good."

Like the mayor, Mr. O'Brien has struggled with addiction in the past, and had some words of advice for him.

"You gotta live in the now. I live in the now. So the past don't exist and the future don't exist. Only now. What I'm doing now, I got love for him, you know what I mean?"

And when asked about a videotape depicting the mayor speaking Jamaican patois in a restaurant, the musician – who is also known for his use of patois – said he wouldn't go so far as to rate the mayor's patois "A+," but called it "all good."

"He's good. He's Rexdale, so he's all good," he said.