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At least three more people videoed the arrest of a G20 protester whose allegations of police brutality are being probed by the province's police watchdog, it was revealed Tuesday.

Adam Nobody, 27, was taken to the ground by six officers at Queen's Park on the afternoon of June 26. In a short video of the incident, one of them appears to be punching Mr. Nobody, who suffered a broken nose and a fractured cheekbone.

A video provided to the Toronto Star shows the arrest from a different angle and reveals a blurry image of one officer's face.

Toronto police are reviewing the video in hopes of determining exactly what happened.

"Our officers have been working on this video for hours already today," spokesman Mark Pugash said. "Any information that we uncover will be shared with the Special Investigations Unit."

The SIU, meanwhile, has identified two men in the original video who also appear to be filming the arrest. Both are walking with bicycles. One man wears a helmet, the other a baseball cap. Both are pointing what look like cameras at the group of police surrounding Mr. Nobody.

The SIU originally ruled that Mr. Nobody's arrest constituted a "probable" use of excessive force, but said it could not charge anyone because it was unable to identify the officers involved. That prompted Police Chief Bill Blair to criticize the watchdog for overstepping its bounds, which in turn caused the man who made the video to come forward and the SIU to reopen the investigation.

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