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Mayoral candidate Karen Stintz and Doug Ford join CIMA cricket action at the CIMA Mayor's Trophy Cricket Tournament at Sunnybrook Park in Toronto, Ontario, Saturday, Jun 21, 2014.Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail

Karen Stintz says that she and Councillor Doug Ford, who last week accused her campaign of using lists stolen from Mayor Rob Ford's office, have reached "a mutual agreement" even though police say the investigation continues.

But Councillor Ford refused to confirm this Wednesday, and repeated his original allegation that the mayor's property had been taken.

Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash confirmed that police met with Councillor Ford Friday, and said that an investigation is continuing.

Last week, Councillor Ford told reporters that Ms. Stintz, who is running against his brother in the mayoral election, had sent e-mails to residents who have contacted Mayor Ford over the years – addresses kept in a confidential database in the mayor's office. The councillor called it a "breach of security," and alleged Ms. Stintz had "illegally received a contact list from the mayor's office."

On Wednesday, Ms. Stintz said she had spoken with the councillor at a cricket match over the weekend, and they had come to an agreement, though she declined to elaborate on the details.

"As I said, people join my campaign, and when people join my campaign, they bring lists," she said. "That's what a campaign is."

When reached on the phone about whether an agreement had been reached, Councillor Ford said "I have no comment. All I know is that the list has been used, and it's proprietary to the mayor's office. It's city property. It's the mayor's property."

After Councillor Ford made his allegations on Friday, he met with Toronto Police and city officials to report the alleged theft.

Ms. Stintz said that she has not been interviewed by police, nor does she expect she'll be asked to. "As far as I understand it, no investigation was undertaken," she said.