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Police have arrested one man in connection with the theft of three oil paintings valued at $73,000 from a Yorkville art gallery.

Aaron Sherman, 43, is being charged with breaking and entering, mischief and two counts of failure to comply with probation.

Two men smashed the window of the Odon Wagner Gallery in the early hours of April 7 and made off with the three paintings.

Police are still looking for another suspect and have not yet recovered the paintings.

Security cameras at the gallery captured images of both suspects.

The paintings stolen were not the most valuable in the gallery.

Suspects took three paintings: "Wild Fields" by Greg Harris, "Still Life With Flowers" by Weidong Wang, and "Seated Lady With Fan" by Zhao Kailin.

Managing director Rafael Wagner remains hopeful that they will be recovered.

Mr. Sherman was scheduled to appear in court Thursday at 10:00 a.m.