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There earrings at Anice Jewellery are made from a vintage belly-dancing chain literally dancing on chandelier frames.

Anice Jewellery

167 Augusta Ave., 416-921-5526, and 102 Ossington Ave., 647-351-5526,


Brittany Hopkins

In a nutshell

Anice Jewellery is a "one-stop sparkle shop" to help immerse you in the unique world of jewellery that will provide you with a piece to represent your personality.


Three years ago, we opened on Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market. We sell jewellery inspired by the theme of "old treasures, new love," which is using old pieces mixed with the new in order to create something that's one of a kind. I named the store after my grandma, as part of that old treasure element. I grew up reworking her old pieces, so she's always been an inspiration to me.

We began teaching workshops where you can either bring in old pieces to rework, or come and create something new with our materials. Being a small boutique, it became difficult to run workshops while the store was open, which is what led to the opening of our Ossington location this summer.

I went to school to be a goldsmith, so this new location allows for me to delve into the finer side of the craft, as well as well as explore custom wedding bands and engagement rings.

The stock

I never duplicate a piece. At each location we have a treasure drawer that holds semi-precious stones and a mix of old and new materials. People come in, set their budget and we come up with something for them to walk away with on the spot.

The philosophy

I've always wanted my store to encourage people to be who they want to be and create what they want to create because jewellery is a form of expression. We make so many special pieces for people going through different moments in their lives and it's really important for each piece to be timeless and special.

The buy

Earrings made from a vintage belly-dancing chain literally dancing on chandelier frames, with antique Indian silver goddess charms in the centre and baby moonstones throughout. ($140)

This interview has been edited and condensed.