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Adenir De Oliveira, shown in TTC surveillance footage, is accused of pushing two teens onto subway tracks in Toronto.

The lawyer for a Toronto man accused of pushing two teenage boys in front of a Toronto subway train last year says he's relieved his client has been found not criminally responsible.

Ian Kostman says the court found that Adenir DeOliveira suffered from a mental disorder, which included major depression and psychotic symptoms.

Mr. DeOliveira, 49, had been charged with three counts of attempted murder and two counts of assault from an incident at Dufferin subway station.

Chaos unfolded during rush hour on Feb. 13, 2009, when, in an unprovoked attack, Mr. DeOliveira pushed a group of three teens.

Two landed on the tracks, one suffering a foot injury after being pulled out of the path of the train by the other boy, and a third boy wasn't injured.

Mr. Kostman called Monday's decision a "humane verdict."