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What happens to the auditor's findings?

Both reports – one on employee expenses and one on flouted procurement policy – go to the next audit committee meeting, which is supposed to be later this month. The TCHC board, as one of its last actions before its dissolution by degrees, passed a motion vowing to implement all the reports' recommendations.

City council reinforced that Wednesday, formally tasking newly appointed managing director Case Ootes with following the auditor's advice.

What happens to TCHC CEO Keiko Nakamura?

The mayor asked her to resign last Monday and she declined; it's within Mr. Ootes's power, as a proxy for the now-defunct board of directors, to fire her. He said he doesn't know whether he will or not, or even on what basis he'll make the decision, but said he'll decide within two weeks.

"I have to evaluate what has happened and then make a decision based on the facts and based on what is good for the Toronto Housing Corporation," he said. "Obviously it's a matter of some urgency because it is a matter of great public interest."

What happens to former TCHC CEO Derek Ballantyne (now chief operating officer of Build Toronto)?

Last week, the Build Toronto board of directors had a last-minute conference call to discuss Mr. Ballantyne's fate after Mayor Rob Ford pledged to "deal with" the man who served as TCHC's CEO from 2002 to 2009. A statement released Friday by Build Toronto board chair Blake Hutcheson said, "we have established a process to arrive at the right professional decision" regarding Mr. Ballantyne's position at Build Toronto." As yet, there's no decision and no firm timeline on when one will be made.

What's happening with the misspent cash?

Out of the total $200,000 auditor-general Jeff Griffiths identified as having been misspent on employees, Ms. Nakamura said she has identified $28,000 in inappropriate expenses that was "immediately recoverable." As of last week, almost $18,000 of that had already been recouped. An additional $16,400 was "currently associated with employees that are no longer with the company," she said at the time, "that will have some form of litigation connected to it in terms of recovery."

Will there be any changes to the expense policy at the TTC?

Yes. Council narrowly (22 to 21) adopted a motion forcing the TCHC to immediately post to the Web all expenses of board members and all TCHC staff whose salaries exceed $100,000. The mayor and his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, both voted against the motion, but the mayor refused to say why in a brief news conference after the meeting.

What happens to tenant representatives?

City manager Joe Pennachetti is responsible for organizing tenant elections within the next three months. The ousted tenant representatives, Catherine Wilkinson and Dan King, said they're not sure if they'll run again.

How long will the interim managing director be in charge?

He will be there until the council meeting set for June 14 and 15, at the latest. Mr. Ford said he was aiming to appoint a new board by May, or by April at the very earliest.

What are his powers?

Mr. Ootes will have the same powers as the full 13-member board, including the power to hire and fire senior staff. Attempts to limit his role failed at council.

What will he be paid?

He insists he has no idea – and refused to speculate on whether it would be in the range of what a board chair gets (about $20,000 for the year; Mr. Ootes will be in the position for three months).

Councillors tried twice Wednesday night to deny the former councillor a paycheque for the gig. One motion called for not compensating him if he's still receiving severance pay from the city.

Mr. Ootes, who didn't stand for re-election in October, is receiving the maximum payout of $99,620, $37, 524 of which he received in 2010 and $62,096 he will collect this year, according to Winnie Li, director of council services.

The mayor, a past critic of "double-dipping," voted in favour of paying Mr. Ootes. "We're not going to have someone come in here and do it for free. People work and they deserve a paycheque."

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