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Picketers block the Keele street entrance to York University in Toronto, Ont. on Tuesday March 3, 2015.J.P. MOCZULSKI/The Globe and Mail

Teaching assistants and contract staff at Toronto's York University have reached a tentative deal with the university and will likely vote on the offer Monday night.

Faiz Ahmed of the Canadian Union of Public Employees says the tentative deal was reached on Sunday after weeks of negotiations.

He says he is "extremely confident" that union members will vote to accept the deal.

The university's 3,700 teaching assistants and graduate assistants have been on strike for almost a month.

He says the university has agreed to a tuition reduction for international graduate students, as well as increasing the overall funding package for graduate assistants by $2,000 and to freeze tuition for the length of the collective agreement.

Ahmed also says the university has agreed to tie wages to tuition, meaning if tuition were to increase in future years wages would as well.

Ahmed calls it a "major deal" that would set new standards for the academic sector, particularly at universities across the country.

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