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An OECD report says producitivity is being affected by workers' mental health issues.Getty Images

A Brampton, Ont. high school recently opened a frank conversation with students about suicide, following the deaths of three students in less than a year. And other schools across the country are finding new ways to spot warning signs and educate students.

Dr. Stanley Kutcher is an expert in teen mental health, and has developed mental-health education programs. Dr. Kutcher recently joined to answer your questions about teens, suicide and mental health.

Dr. Kutcher directs the World Health Organization's Collaborating Centre for Mental Health and is a researcher with IWK, a Dalhousie University-affiliated health centre in Halifax.

In recent years, Dr. Kutcher has developed a mental health curriculum for high school students and a training program to help educators and health care professionals understand youth depression and suicide. He's also published a guide to suicide risk management and is working with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness to address suicide in the province.

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