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"There's dead bodies out on the streets," said Canadian Jason Krul, who lives just outside the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. He spoke Wednesday with Mr. Krul is a pilot for Mission Aviation Fellowship of Canada, a Christian aid organization that has worked in Haiti since 1986.

Interview transcript:

Jason can you tell us what happened when the earthquake struck?

"I was laying on my couch in my living room and didn't know what hit me. I flew 10 feet across our living room and landed on the floor. the earth was shaking, the ground, our whole house was shaking violently. The chandeliers were swinging, my TV flew across the room. Stuff was just flying everywhere. The first thing I did was ran out the door and yelled at my wife to get out. And you know had to run back in to get my young two-year-old son. It was almost impossible to walk with the massive tremors."

How are you and your family now? Was anyone injured?

"Our family is OK. Physically we're OK. You know, my wife is a little bit emotionally having to deal with this. She's all right. Our house sustained some damages and the walls around our place have been broken down. Our gas lines and water lines have both been broken. But our house for the most part is still in pretty good condition."

And so where are you staying?

"We are still staying at our house here. Out of anywhere in our community here ... among the best off in the city here. If I walk down the street literally 50 steps I can come to absolute, complete destruction. I can see houses flattened and cars that are, you know, walls tumbled on top of them. People are laying out in the streets. There's dead bodies out in the streets."

Wow. How are your neighbours coping?

"Our neighbours are coping. There's just a lot of confusion, a lot of shock. Just after the quake, and there was apparently up to 40 aftershocks. And even as I'm speaking here, probably 10 minutes ago, we had a pretty, pretty sizable aftershock. The Haitian people here and our neighbours are very, very, very, are shook up and very scared. They don't know what's happening and they see it as something that God is sending them. And so we are just, I've been here trying to keep them calm, trying to help them in any way we can. And we will obviously try to be there for them. As far as helping with physical injuries and stuff, it's just so incredibly overwhelming. We're starting to get together as much help as we can."

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