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Environment Minister John Bair has announced money Monday to help Canadian communities deal with the effects of climate change.

Environment Minister John Baird has used a U-N climate-change conference as the backdrop for his announcement of $85.9-million dollars over four years.

The plan replaces one the Conservatives killed after they took office.

Mr. Baird said the new program will help communities that are already losing their forests and infrastructure.

Pine beetles are surviving through warmer winters and stripping their way across forests in Western Canada.

In the North, communities say that their roads and buildings are crumbling on softer soil and that ancestral Inuit hunting patterns are being disrupted.

Mr. Baird will make daily announcements at news conferences outside the summit site, where Canada's position is coming under frequent attack.

He brushed off the criticism and said he did not come to Bali to play politics.

The new program will spend $29-million on adaptation research and $56-million on various projects.

Mr. Baird appeared caught off-guard when asked how the program will differ from the one his government killed.

He said he would check the details.