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Camp Shomria brings Arab and Jewish teens far from home, but closer to peace

Some of the participants have never talked to anyone from the other side, but a unique camping program lets them look past their differences. Photos by Dave Chan

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Camp Shomria allows Jewish and Arab Israeli teens to escape their tension-filled communities for the shores of Otty Lake, southwest of Ottawa.

Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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The 20 teens learn what it’s like to live together. To be invited to the camp, they had to write a letter about why they support co-existence between Jews and Arabs.

Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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A group of youths jump off a dock at Camp Shomria on July 26, 2013 near Perth, Ont. Camp Shomira's Heart to Heart program brings Jewish and Palestinian Israeli youth to Canada to share their experiences.

Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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Talk in the girls’ bunkhouse turns to movies and music, but not so much to boys. This is out of respect for the different cultural values of the Muslims, says Jewish camper Loran Stern, right.

Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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From left, Ali Abo-Lafih, Hamada Massarwa, Tawfek Abo-Farwa, Aman Massoud and Sabreen Gawi gather for a group chat.

Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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Ram Pade, left, and Sabreen Gawi share a quite moment under a tree July 26, 2013.

Dave Chan/The Globe and Mail

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