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From the Trudeaus to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev,Yasser Arafat, Jimmy Carter and the Pope, Castro rubbed shoulders with the world's top leaders

April 19, 1959 - Vice President Richard Nixon, right, shakes hands Cuba's leader Fidel Castro after a private meeting as they leave Nixon's office in Washington D.C. (AP Photo, File)

The Associated Press

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May 1963 - President of the State Council Fidel Castro and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev during a four-week official visit to Moscow.

AFP/Getty Images/AFP / Getty Images

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December 14, 1974 - Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) chairman Yasser Arafat (R) walking with Cuban leader Fidel Castro during his visit in Cuba in December 1974.

AFP/Getty Images/AFP / Getty Images

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Jan.26, 1976 - Margaret Trudeau smiles as Cuban President Fidel Castro holds her youngest son Michel after the Trudeaus arrived in Havana.

Fred Chartrand/The Canadian Press

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September 02, 1998 - South African President Nelson Mandela greeting Cuban leader Fidel Castro as he arrives for the opening of the 12th Non-Aligned Movement summit in Durban.

Odd Andersen/AFP / Getty Images

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March 28, 2012 - Pope Benedict XVI meets with Fidel Castro in Havana.

Osservatore Romano/The Associated Press

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April 28, 1998 - Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien with Cuban President Fidel Castro before departing for home ending a three day trip to Cuba, the first visit to the Communist-ruled island by a Canadian leader since Pierre Trudeau's in 1976.

Andy Clark/Reuters

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May 14, 2002 - Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, right, accompanied by Cuban leader Fidel Castro, warms up before throwing the first pitch in an all-star baseball game at the Latin American Stadium in Havana, Cuba.

Cristobal Herrera/The Associated Press

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September 9, 1973 - Syrian President Hafez al-Assad (L) speaking with then Cuban leader Fidel Castro during a meeting in Damascus.

-/AFP / Getty Images

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Oct. 12, 1979 - Cuban President Fidel Castro speaks at the United Nation.

Paul Hosefros/The New York Times

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File photo taken in the 60s shows then Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro (L) lighting a cigar while listening to Argentine Ernesto Che Guevara.

Roberto Salas/AFP / Getty Images

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November 09, 1971 shows General Augusto Pinochet (L), then Chile's army chief, saluting with Cuban leader Fidel Castro (R) during Castro's visit to Chile during the presidency of socialist president Salvador Allende.

-/AFP / Getty Images

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May 7, 1975 - Cuba's leader Fidel Castro, center right, responds to a question from American NBC reporter Barbara Walters at a news conference granted to members of the U.S. press covering Sen. George McGovern's trip to Cuba, in Havana, Cuba.

The Associated Press

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Sept. 20, 1960 -Cuba's leader Fidel Castro, center holding a cigar, stands with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev, center left, outside Hotel Theresa in Harlem, New York.

The Associated Press

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June 1972 file photo, Cuba's leader Fidel Castro, right, reviews troops during his visit to Leuna, formerly the German Democratic Republic. With Castro is East German President Erich Honecker.

Rogelio More/The Associated Press

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May 11, 2015 - French President Francois Hollande (L) posing for a picture with Cuban historical leader Fidel Castro during a meeting in Havana.

Alex Castro/AFP / Getty Images

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February 25, 2014 - Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (L) embracing former Cuban leader Fidel Castro after giving him a Brazilian national football team jersey as a present.

Roberto Stuckert Filho/AFP / Getty Images

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Nov. 15, 2016 - Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro, right, shaking hands with Vietnam's President Tran Dai Quang in one of the last pictures taken of Castro before he died, in Havana, Cuba.

Alex Castro/The Associated Press

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Sept. 19, 2016 - Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro, right, shaking hands with Iran's President Hassan Rouhani.

Alex Castro/The Associated Press

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Oct. 13, 2016 - Cuba's former leader Fidel Castro, right, shaking hands with Algeria's Prime Minister Abdelmalek Sellal.

Alex Castro/The Associated Press

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