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A driver talks on his phone while driving through downtown Toronto October 26, 2009.REUTERS/Chris Roussakis

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In an era of consummate multitasking, this is for anyone who has tried texting, peeling a banana or doing the crossword while driving.

Hampshire police in England carried out an operation last week trying to get a picture of what drivers are up to while at the wheel and nab people for any offences, as The Telegraph reports this morning.

Using the cellphone? That's a pretty run-of-the-mill distraction while driving, as Hampshire police discovered over a five-day period on two busy highways.

One driver in particular was caught using a laptop, having a coffee and writing the answers to a radio quiz – all at the same time. Another driver was seen slicing and eating a pear.

Police used a small, unmarked truck to drive alongside vehicles and use the truck's height to peer into the driving position and film distracted drivers.

The idea of police using small trucks to keep an eye on drivers actually came from the trucking industry. Truck drivers have been complaining to police for some time about distracted drivers.