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Editor's pick: Readers share how 9/11 changed their world

We asked you how 9/11 changed your world, and the response has been overwhelming.

To read all of the responses, click here.

Here are some of some of your responses, as picked by our editors:

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"I lost faith in the American people. The country basically crumbled with their towers emotionally." – From commenter lost faith

"9/11 made me hate Muslims. Before that day, they weren't even on my radar." – From commenter Tina

"I never celebrate my birthday anymore. Seems too selfish to celebrate on a day that fills many with pain and sadness." – From commenter Carole

"I now have panic attacks every time I fly." – From commenter Grounded

"I stopped traveling to the US, ended friendships and love relationships there and in Canada, and have not flown since."From Heather Landry on Facebook

"I literally dropped my cable subscription on 9/12 focusing on filling my days by being active. I've been TV-free ever since." – From Alexander David on Facebook

"It made me more sensitive to the Muslim faith and realize a whole religion should not be held responsible for a small percentage of extremists." – From Ket Chup on Facebook

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"Unfortunately it really changed my outlook on Islam. I am no longer tolerant of the religion and I don't trust Muslim people." – From commenter Eli

"I cringe when the sound of jets is a little bit too loud, too close, bracing myself. Nothing seems impossible anymore." – From Lauren O'Malley Norris on Facebook

"It cost me friend of 50 years following a heated disagreement over Muslim immigration to Canada. Me in support of and he deeply opposed. Both too stubborn to give in." – From commenter elder lee

"My dad lost his job when Canada 3000 went under in the 9/11 economic aftermath-2 years later we were living in Taipei, Taiwan."From Mark Fisk on Twitter

"I haven't flown in an airplane since that day." – From commenter Ruthy

"I lost faith in the American people. The country basically crumbled with their towers emotionally." – From commenter lost faith

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"Shortly after the attack, I gave up a very decent civilian job, went back in the army, and headed off to serve in Afghanistan." – From commenter TIO

"I was estranged with my family at the time, but it set things in motion for me and I called them that day. We have been close ever since." – From commenter Cathy M

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