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Demonstrators holding numbers symbolizing the dead migrants sit during a demonstration in front of the Italian parliament in Rome's Montecitorio Square on April 21, 2015.FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/AFP / Getty Images

The European Union's executive arm has proposed a 10-point action plan for dealing with the unprecedented migrant influx.

Action 1: Provide more money and assets for EU operations in the Mediterranean and extend their operational area.

Reality check: No country has announced it will provide more funds or assets.

Action 2: Capture and destroy boats used by smugglers.

Reality check: There might be legal obstacles. Many pirate boats are stolen and could be owned by EU citizens.

Action 3: Step up co-operation and information-gathering

between the EU's police, legal, asylum and border agencies.

Reality check: EU member states are notoriously reluctant to share information.

Action 4: Deploy teams from the EU's asylum agency to process asylum applications.

Reality check: Generally seen as a good thing.

Action 5: Ensure the fingerprinting of all migrants.

Reality check: This is supposed to happen already.

Action 6: Consider options for emergency relocation that would ease pressure on countries such as Italy, Greece and Malta.

Reality check: While paying lip service to burden-sharing, member states are reluctant to provide resources.

Action 7: Launch an EU-wide voluntary project on resettling people.

Reality check: Some countries do not have even the minimum EU accommodation standards to host refugees.

Action 8: Establish a program for the rapid return of migrants refused EU residency.

Reality check: In 2013, EU member states rejected the applications of 425,875 people; less than 40 per cent were sent back.

Action 9:Engage with Libya's neighbours to stop the flow of people into the conflict-torn country.

Reality check: While logical as longer-term policy, this will not save lives in the short-term.

Action 10: Deploy immigration officers to key countries – Niger, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey – to gather intelligence.

Reality check: Humanitarian groups criticize outsourcing asylum screening abroad.