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Ask Hamas

The Globe and Mail talked to Hamas, now it's your turn Add to ...

The Israelis won't talk to Hamas. Stephen Harper won't either, and neither will Barack Obama. But you can.

Send questions for Hamas to foreign@globeandmail.com with "Ask Hamas" as the subject. A selection will be answered by senior Hamas official Ahmed Yousef, an adviser to Ismail Haniyeh, Hamas's prime minister for the Gaza Strip. Click here to read Mr. Yousef's answers.

Here are some of the questions already suggested:

  • It is a well known fact that Hamas hides behind civilians and children when launching attacks against Israel. How then, can Hamas say that Israel is trying to target civilians? If they were, Hamas surely wouldn't want to use them as shields?

-- Russell

  • Can you please explain why you don't put a stop to the firing of rockets into Israel, as you must be fully aware Israel will respond in a disproportionate manner?

-- Fiona Bateson

  • Considering that the bulk of our media, including this outlet, continues to suppress the details about the Israeli/American reaction to the 2006 elections, could you outline what happened?
  • Since our media presents a very distorted picture of the situation, is there anything you would like Canadians to know about Hamas, or about the conflict in general?

-- Jordan Thornton, Regina

  • What moral justification do you use to allow for older men to permit/lead/encourage your own children to act as suicide weapons?
  • If women were in charge, do you think peace would be achievable in your region?

-- Blair Saltel

  • What steps can hamas take to be seen as more moderate than it presently appears to the international world, without losing sight that it was elected democractically by citizens of Gaza and therefore must also respond to the needs of the citizens of Gaza?  In a nutshell, how can Hamas please both its citizens and the international community?

-- Giovanna Longhi

  • What are the aims of Hamas as a political party?

-- Michael Jacobson

  • If Netanyahu "recognized" Palestine as an independent, sovereign state with the right to exist with safe and secure borders, would Hamas reciprocate? (Would prefer a yes or no response.)

-- Lora Lucero, Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Why, in March 2004, did you use a mentally retarded teenager named Hussam Abdo as a human bomb?
  • If, as good Muslims, you believe that when you're killed by infidels you'll go to paradise and have sex with 72 virgins, why do you hate the Jews in Israel for removing you from life in this horrible world and helping you to get to paradise which must be a much nicer place that is full of anxious virgins and free alcohol? Don't you believe your own propaganda?
  • Why do you kill your own people?
  • Do you have the courage to answer any of our questions honestly, as any real man would do?

-- Mike Sumners, Toronto

  • Are you for the September UN declaration of the state of Palestine unilaterally or not?
  • Will you then the day after that get going with the construction of hospitals, sewers, schools, etc., that are needed for a new state, especially in Gaza? And do you have plans on how to proceed with this construction?
  • Will you work along Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad, who has been dedicated to this construction for a few years now? Or are you against him for some reason?

-- Enrique Tabak

  • Why has Hamas never cancelled the part of its Charter that calls for the total annihilation of Israel? Why should Israel be expected to negotiate "peace" with Hamas on that background?

-- Jonathan Danilowitz, Tel Aviv

  • Hamas has retained its opposition to the existance of the state of Israel in its charter, what does hamas hope to gain from israel by trading away this opposition?

-- Andrew Daniels

  • It is common knowledge that Hamas received millions, if not billions, of dollars from outside sources. Why is this money being poured into weapons to kill innocent civilians in Israel, instead of being directed toward improving the standard of living for the Palestinians, who live in poverty -- or so we are told?

-- Sheryl Danilowitz, Toronto

  • Regardless what you think of Israel - peace for your people, prosperity and the continuation of your way of life must be more important than holding on to old grudges - don't you agree?

- Phil Stevens

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