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Ask Hamas

The Globe and Mail talked to Hamas, now it's your turn Add to ...

Is access by Israel to precious aquifers of water in the West Bank a major reason that Israel continues to build settlements there?.

-- Alan Carter, Vancouver, B.C.

  • The United States has not been an honest broker for peace in the Middle East.  In fact, it sometimes appears that Israel controls the government of the United States through AIPAC. Why do Palestinians continually look to the United States for a solution to the problem in Palestine?

-- Neil Patterson

  • Why do you promote hatred to your children?
  • Why do you make seemingly conciliatory comments on a topic in English followed by extremist things in Arabic on the same topic?
  • How have the Palestinians won the PR war?
  • How does Hamas intend to slow the growth of even more extreme groups within Palestine?

-- Jonathan Lampert

  • Why does Hamas sends rockets to kill civilian Israelis, but protests when Israel tries to protect itself?
  • Why, as a terrorist, don't you personally have the courage to strap a belt around your waist and blow yourself up instead of sending others to do that?

-- Roger Gilodo, Etobicoke

  • Is there another organization, other than the U.S., that could better broker a solution in Hama's eye?
  • If you can recognize that some areas are important to all religions, would internationalizing areas, such as Jerusalem be acceptable?
  • The alignment of borders is a challenge but if they can be agreed upon, would an DMZ operated by the some organization be acceptable to prevent future incursions.
  • If some organization provided air security for all countries, while allowing countries to maintain land troops, would this be acceptable?

-- Paul Naish, Toronto

  • Lots of political parties are stuck with legacy policies that they have to put aside in order to get on with the practicalities of governance. Is Hamas prepared to deal peaceably with ALL of its neighbours, whether officially recognized or not?

-- Leon Wood

  • Is the idea of Israel as a Jewish-religion state the crux of the problem? What if Israel called itself a multicultural state, with two official languages, no official religion, and a Jewish-Arab military, would that remove the obstacle to negotiation?
  • In the event that Israel and Palestine did negotiate a realistic peace plan, what is Hamas's plan for demilitarizing and deradicalizing its members?

-- Nancy Mucklow

  • Does Hamas ever harass or attack people who try to leave Gaza to study or work abroad?
  • Does Hamas acknowledge the potential benefits of non-violent resistance?

-- Gail Coleman

  • When will Hamas recognize the existence of the Jewish State of Israel and renounce its goal of destroying Israel?

-- Jan and Mark Lapedus, Toronto

  • Where is Gilad Schalit? Why won't you let the Red Cross have access to him?

-- Art Zaltz

  • Why do you think it's okay to provide propaganda to small children and teach them hate?

-- Jillian C. York

  • Why does Hamas not permanently renounce violence and embrace nonviolent resistance against Israel?
  • Does Hamas accept that democracy comes first, even at the expense of its own power?
  • Does Hamas consider the planned murder of civilians to be a crime, no matter what the circumstances?
  • Do the people have the right to reject shariah law?
  • What does Hamas think should happen with the Jews living in Israel? Should they leave? Where else will they live? Should they convert to Islam? What if they refuse?

-- Laurence Knight

  • Why does Hamas not invest in infrastructure such as bomb shelters?
  • Why does Hamas want to spread Islam around the world? Why cannot people live with freedom of religion?
  • Why does Hamas resort to "terrorist like activities" such as suicide bombing instead of negotiating?
  • Why does Hamas think that the 1967 "border" are still negotiable? Was not Israel attacked and won the extra land via the war?
  • Why doesn't Hamas negotiate land with its fellow Arab countries, where there is so much land?
  • Why should the West take Hamas seriously when they are a terrorist group?

-- David Pollack

  • With regards to the West, what are some of the fundamental misconceptions about Hamas, in your opinion?
  • The Palestinian narrative held by North American news media outlets fundamentally conflicts with the Palestinian narrative espoused in the east. What do you feel are the credible, verifiable, sources of information regarding this conflict?

-- Robert Mohid

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