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In Pictures: Josefina Napravilova, Czechoslovakia's heroic mother

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Josefina Napravilova as a young girl.

Photos supplied by family.

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Josefina Napravilova with members of the group Majak Plzne, which published her memoir last year, when she was 99.

Photos supplied by family.

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A class photo of Vaclav Hanf from when he was a Czechoslovak school boy. The photo was shown to authorities to prove his origins after Josefina found him. Little Vaclav is the 2nd from left in the front row.

Photos supplied by family.

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"The greatest reward is to see joy in the eyes of children," Josefina Napravilova wrote in her memoir. "I could never have children of my own, but in the end, I like to think I had 40 children."

Photos supplied by family.

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Josefina Napravilova's identity card from to post-war years when she was working with the International Refugee Organization.

Photos supplied by family.

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Josefina Napravilova, with Vaclav Hanf.

Photos supplied by family.

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