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Earlier this week, Israel's Ha'aretz daily newspaper reported that the Israel Defence Forces released the following list of the 10 most wanted men in the Church of the Nativity. In making the following allegations against the individuals - some of whom seem to be distinct people with the same or similar names - the Israelis linked several people publicly affiliated with the Palestinian Authority to violent acts.

1. Ibrahim Abiath, a.k.a. Abu Glarif: Born in 1973, he is said to be active in the Tanzim - a branch of Yasser Arafat's Fatah political movement, which has taken on a military role in this Intifada. Mr. Abiath is alleged to be responsible for the murder of a soldier and a 71-year-old civilian.

2. Jihad Jaara: Born in 1971, he is said to be a former member of the Tanzim and the Palestinian security forces, and allegedly involved in shootings, running weapons and hiding wanted men.

3. Ismail Hamdan: Born in 1971, he is said to be suspected of a shooting at Gilo, a Jewish settlement, of three murders.

4. Nidal Abu Glarif: Born in 1973, he is wanted for a shooting at Gilo and is said to be a suspected accomplice in two suicide bombings.

5. Mohammed Said Salam: Born in 1979, he is said to be an accomplice in two suicide bombings.

6. Ibrahim Ablath: Born in 1961, this Ibrahim Abiath is considered a top Hamas activist.

7. Bassem Hamud: Born in 1972, he is wanted on suspicion of preparing explosive devices and for sending a team of suicide bombers to Jerusalem.

8. Aziz Jubran: Born in 1971, Mr. Jubran is believed to be an accomplice of Bassam Hamud.

9. Abdullah Daoud: Born in 1962, he is a Palestinian Authority intelligence official, Israel claims that he worked hand-in-hand with the Tanzim.

10. Kamal Hamid: Born in 1963, the secretary-general of Fatah in Bethlehem, Israel claims that Hamid was responsible for financing the Tanzim in the city, and for purchasing arms and explosives.