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The trial of Omar Khadr at Guantanamo Bay.Janet Hamlin/Pool/The Canadian Press

The trial of Canadian war criminal Omar Khadr will hear final arguments Saturday before the military panel imposes a sentence.

In a very brief session Friday, a short, unsworn statement from Mr. Khadr was read to the panel, the equivalent of a jury. It detailed the threat of being gang-raped to death by "four big black guys" made by the first interrogator who dealt with the then-severely injured 15-year old at Bagram Prison in Afghanistan.

Mr. Khadr's plea deal could have him home in Canada a year from now, after spending nine years in U.S. prisons in Bagram and Guantanamo. The military panel doesn't know the details of the deal.

Any sentence the panel imposes will only take effect if it is less than the plea deal, which is widely expected to be a nominal eight years.

However, only one must be served in Guantanamo and Mr. Khadr's Canadian lawyers hope to be able to have him released soon after his return to Canada.