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Who among this weekend's G20 visitors rocks the power suit? And who would have loved the Moores year-end sale? Danny Sinopoli dissects the clothes that make great men and women

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The Glamourpuss: Both Eva Peron and current Argentine President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner followed their husbands into power and then dared their critics to wrest it from them. But that’s where comparisons end. While Evita favoured fur coats and a severe blond chignon, Kirchner is known for her long chestnut locks, chic form-fitting suits and designer handbags. Stand back, Buenos Aires; it’s Toronto’s turn to get a look.

REUTERS/Gerardo Garcia

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The Movie Star: No, Barack Obama can’t pull off dad jeans – can anyone? – but the lanky U.S. prez sure does own those slim-fitting custom-made Hartmarx suits he favours. Throw in a million-dollar smile and that new touch of grey he’s rocking and two words come to mind: kick ass.

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

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The Court Jester: At last year’s G20 confab in London, an obstreperous Silvio Berlusconi loudly sought out Barack Obama’s attention during a group photo op with the Queen, prompting Her Majesty to reprimand him. Which just goes to show: Even impeccable Italian tailoring can’t make up for bad manners.

AP Photo/Gregorio Borgia

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The Spouse: Since Carla Bruni Sarkozy and Great Britain's SamCam - Samantha Cameron, the swelegant wife of new British PM David - have both opted to stay home, watchers of uncommonly stylin' spouses will have to make due with gorgeous Michelle Obama alone. Us? We're dying to know what Joachim Sauer, Angela Merkel’s spotlight-shunning husband, might have worn if he had chosen to come. We have a thing for shy quantum chemists.

AP Photo/The White House, Joynce N. Boghosian

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The King: If you’re playing spot the leader this weekend, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is the one sporting the dishdasha, the three-piece head covering and the distinctive mustache and goatee. Another giveaway might be the sizable entourage of wives and children. It’s good to be king.

REUTERS/Livio Anticoli/Italian Prime Minister's Press Office/Handout

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The New Kid: If you’re recently installed Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan (left), how do you follow a predecessor (right) whose shirts got progressively crazier as he watched his standing in opinion polls drop. Very qui-et-ly.

AP Photo/Yoshikazu Tsuno and AP Photo/Kyodo News

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The Hostess: Laureen Harper has upped her fashion game considerably over the past year or so, moving from self-professed Alberta tomboy to ardent supporter (and wearer) of Canadian design. Our advice as the eyes of the world fall upon her this weekend, giving her an unprecedented opportunity to showcase homegrown style? You go (cow)girl!

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