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A police car burns after anti G20 summit protesters set fire to it in downtown Toronto. (Frank Gunn/Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)
A police car burns after anti G20 summit protesters set fire to it in downtown Toronto. (Frank Gunn/Frank Gunn/The Canadian Press)


The G8/G20 Saturday evening roundup Add to ...

It's been a long Saturday in Toronto as world leaders wrap up the G8 in Huntsville, and the focus - for politicians and protesters alike - turns to the G20 in the city. Here's a summary of news, views, photos and video you may have missed today on globeandmail.com. For complete coverage, visit our our main G8/G20 site.

On the Streets

Live blog: Latest updates from G8/G20 protests http://tgam.ca/7m9

TImeilne: How the G20 clashes unfolded http://tgam.ca/7sp

Video: Police car set on fire http://tgam.ca/7qh

Video: G20 protest snapshots http://tgam.ca/7qj

Video: Queen Street protest http://tgam.ca/7qg

Video: Scenes from Saturday's protest http://tgam.ca/7tP

In Pictures: G20 day of protest http://tgam.ca/7nK

In Pictures: Queen's Park protest http://tgam.ca/7m0

Marcus Gee: Violence by a few mars peaceful protest by many http://tgam.ca/7rm

Toronto mayor amongst many expressing revulsion over protest violence http://tgam.ca/7rt

Protests turn violent: storefronts smashed, police cars set ablaze http://tgam.ca/7na

Nightlife went on in and around downtown - sort of http://tgam.ca/7tv

TTC, GO Transit offering free shuttles around downtown outskirts http://tgam.ca/7qx

Deaf man arrested in G20 protest granted bail http://tgam.ca/7qm

Anti-Olympics activist among four arrested in Toronto pre-dawn raids http://tgam.ca/7m1

Toronto artist facing explosives charges out on bail http://tgam.ca/7nB

Coffee? No. Police? Yes. Giant fantasy swords? Definitely not http://tgam.ca/7l6

In the food hall, empty stalls http://tgam.ca/7iW

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks at his closing news conference at the G8 Summit

The G8 comes to an end

Video: Harper's closing G8 comments http://tgam.ca/7mh

Video: G8 family photo http://tgam.ca/7qe

John Ibbitson: Could Stephen Harper be right? http://tgam.ca/7mQ

Cannon defends maternal health spending http://tgam.ca/7hC

G8 wavering shows difficulty of taking common action http://tgam.ca/7nT

Sarkozy says his G8/G20 will cost one-tenth of Canada's http://tgam.ca/7mE

John Ibbitson: G8 leaders offer only hollow words on global warming http://tgam.ca/7n1

Harper pledges no broken promises from this year's G8 http://tgam.ca/7ma

Promises from past summits http://tgam.ca/7mq

From left, Japan's Prime Minister Naoto Kan, Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, President Barack Obama, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister David Cameron and President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy leave following a 2010 G8 Summit photo ,with the My Summit 2010 Youth at the Deerhurst Resort in Huntsville.

Ramping up to the G20

Interactive: Behind China's yuan move http://tgam.ca/1s7

Economic confidence will be restored by action, not soothing words http://tgam.ca/7sf

Europe's focus on cutting deficits 'absolutely wrong': Argentine President http://tgam.ca/7sv

Most G20 countries have agreed to debt-reduction targets: Official http://tgam.ca/7rd

G20 headlines from around the world http://tgam.ca/7lw

Leaders hopeful for G20 agreement on bank capital http://tgam.ca/7iC

G20 faces economic balancing acts, Harper tells business leaders http://tgam.ca/7nQ

IMF report advises G20 to make spending cuts top priority http://tgam.ca/7nH

China vows not to bow to currency pressure http://tgam.ca/7my

The $7-trillion challenge http://tgam.ca/7mb

In other news

Video: Feeding the G20 leaders http://tgam.ca/7qb

Video: Who rules the roost? http://tgam.ca/7Nd

In Pictures: G20 spouses http://tgam.ca/7J3

In Pictures: Power-dressing at the G20 http://tgam.ca/7rL

What not to wear, G20 edition http://tgam.ca/7QB

Spouses make do with second-best http://tgam.ca/7W2

Primary job for spouses of G20 leaders: Do no harm http://tgam.ca/7Nc

Canadian beef, produce and cheese will be showcased in G20 leaders' dinner http://tgam.ca/7Vj

You just might find love while protesting the G20 http://tgam.ca/7Qs

Facts & Arguments: Why I will protest at the G20 http://tgam.ca/5eb

Earlier Saturday and Friday

Complete coverage on our main G8/G20 site here: http://tgam.ca/NHB

Blog - G8/G20 Local View: http://tgam.ca/NP5

Blog - G8/G20 Global View: http://tgam.ca/XPx

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