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An image grab taken from Egyptian state television shows Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak, who is facing mounting calls for his resignation, addressing the nation in Cairo on Feb. 10, 2011. (-/AFP/Getty Images)
An image grab taken from Egyptian state television shows Egypt's President Hosni Mubarak, who is facing mounting calls for his resignation, addressing the nation in Cairo on Feb. 10, 2011. (-/AFP/Getty Images)


Unofficial transcript of Mubarak's address Add to ...

Day after day, that will be -- that will follow the track of peaceful transition until September.

This dialogue, this national dialogue, has also come out with the formation of the committee that will study the amendments of the constitution and what should be -- and the amendment -- and the legislative amendments also. And we also formed another, follow-up committee that will also be responsible for the implementation of what -- of the commitments that I have made upon myself to the people, and I am also very interested -- committed to form these two committees of some very well-known, well-reputed dignitaries and some jurisprudent people and some judicial figures.

In addition to that, I -- the fact that we have lost some martyrs in some tragic events recently that have pained our hearts and that have also pained the conscience of the (homeland ?) -- I have also ordered some people to start investigation and to get the result as soon as possible to the attorney general, so that he will take the appropriate procedures and legal measures and (deterrent ones ?).

I have also received the first reports yesterday with the constitutional amendments that are a high priority, given to me by the committee that I have formed by the legal people and to study these amendments. I have also responded to this report and to the (suggestions ?) made in this report.

And because I -- (inaudible) -- in accordance with Article 89, I have also asked for the amendment of six provisions, Article (76 ?), Article 77, Article 88, Article 93 and Article 189, in addition to the abolition of Article 179 from the constitution, and also assure that I'm ready to amend many other provisions that the committee sees appropriate, depending on the need and the -- (inaudible).

And these amendments of high priority target the terms for presidency and the conditions for presidency. And we have specified the terms of presidency in order to transfer powers and also to supervise the elections in order to have a fair and -- fair and (good?) elections. And it also focuses on the legal -- on the legal part in order to amend these conditions and amend the constitution, but --(inaudible) -- to abolish Article 179, I think should also achieve equilibrium between the protection of the land of the terrorism and to also respect the freedom, the civil freedoms of (all ?) so that we can overcome the -- to stop the emergency law, the (validity ?) of the emergency law and to get the conditions in order to lift the emergency law.

My dear citizens, the priority now is to restore the confidence among the Egyptians themselves and the confidence in our economy and our international reputation, and the confidence that the change that we have started will not be retracted. Egypt is going through difficult times right now, and we cannot do anything and cause damage to our economy and losses to the economy day after day. And this would cause to Egypt a lot of damage, and the people who have called for change will be the victims of these difficult times.

These difficult times is not about myself, about me, Hosni Mubarak, but it is about Egypt and its present and for its future. All Egyptians are in the same -- (word inaudible) -- right now, and we have to go (ahead ?) with the dialogue that we started recently in one team and not be (different ?) about it, and we have to be away from disputes and so that we can get out of this current crisis and so that we can restore confidence in our economy, and so that we can have -- (inaudible) -- people and for the people so that they can get on with their normal lives again.

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