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u.s. election 2016

People line up to visit the grave of women's suffrage leader Susan B. Anthony on U.S. election day at Mount Hope Cemetery in Rochester, N.Y., on Nov. 8, 2016.ADAM FENSTER/Reuters

Some voters are going from the polls to the cemetery in upstate New York in order to pay respect to women's suffragist leader Susan B. Anthony.

Video from WHAM-TV shows a steady stream of people at Rochester's Mount Hope cemetery decorating Anthony's grave with "I Voted" stickers and American flags. Some are leaving yellow roses, which was a symbol of the women's suffrage movement.

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Among the visitors was Nora Rubel, the director of the Susan B. Anthony Institute at the University of Rochester. She tells the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that she went to the polls and the grave with her two daughters in order to share the experience.

The cemetery has extended its visiting hours to 9 p.m. Tuesday to allow for more Election Day visitors.