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Brian Calvert of The Canada Party. Screengrab from YouTube video

"Who better to lead America than a country already leading America in so many ways?" is just the beginning of Canadian Brian Calvert's case, made in a YouTube video, for why Americans should vote for Canada to run the U.S. this fall.

A scrolling list of things Mr. Calvert argues Canadians do better include healthcare, human rights, and the employment rate – along with big foot sightings, lumberjack fashion and bear attacks.

The Canada Party video was released in January and has been viewed more 900,000 times.

In The Canada Party Manifesto: An Intervention From You Continental BFF, which was published last month, authors Brian Calvert and Chris Cannon – and Vancouver residents – continue on their satirical prescription for an ailing America.

Featured in U.S. and Canadian media – including CBC's The Current earlier this week – their lighter take on the presidential election is attracting a wider audience. A video feature about the group on the BBC news site topped the site's most-watched video list on Thursday.

The party promises American voters: "One gay couple will be allowed to marry for every straight couple that gets divorced.

"The phrase "job creators" will be changed to "job creationists," and they will be given seven days to actually create some.

"Corporations will still be people, but if they can't provide a birth certificate they will be legally obligated to care for your lawn.

"Corners will be installed in the Oval Office, and timeouts given to congressmen who can't play nice."

The party's Twitter feed – among other things – also offers a bit of spot analysis.

"CNN calls the new #Romney video 'potentially damaging.' A football in the groin is potentially damaging. This is a nuclear nutshot."