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Election 2012: Canadians in America

Video: Canadian Beverly Hills lawyer describes her biggest misconception of U.S. politics Add to ...

Chloe Wolman moved from Toronto to Los Angeles to attend law school. She is now a lawyer, an American citizen, and this November she will be voting for the first time in a U.S. presidential election. Here, she describes having her biggest misconception about American politics upended.

This is part of our U.S. Election 2012: Canadians in America series - expats talking about life and politics south of the border.

In a year when Americans must choose between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, The Globe and Mail has reached out to Canadians living across the U.S. to offer a unique perspective on a pivotal election. In the coming months our expat group of 50 Canadians – chosen from hundreds of submissions to offer a wide range of perspectives – will answer your questions, offer up their insights through blog posts and join in on-line discussions. Their personal stories and perspectives may well challenge your assumptions about American society and politics.