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Reflections on what we were fighting for in Afghanistan from a handful of Canadians who actually waged the war or led the battles over issues of principle and peace

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Toronto: September 16, 2009 - Chris Alexander, who has served as the Deputy Special Representative to the Secretary General in Afghanistan, is making a speech at the Empire Club on the subject of Afghanistan.

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Photo shows malaria researcher Amir Attaran in the garden of his Ottawa home Sept. 22, 2006.

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Nipa Banerjee.

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Lt.-Gen. Michel Gauthier, commander of Canada's overseas military operations, listens to a reporter's question at Kandahar Airfield on Friday Jan. 19, 2007. Gauthier was visiting troops on a two-day inspection during a lull in fighting Taliban militants. He said no more Canadian infantry will be deployed in the Afghan mission, but admitted more support elements, such as artillery, are on the way.

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Raymond Legault – prominent anti-war activist, community college teacher in Montreal and spokesman for Échec à la guerre

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Veterans ombudsman Patrick Stogran appears before the Commons veterans affair committee in Ottawa, Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2010.

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