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French President Francois Hollande (C) arrives at the headquarters of the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris on January 7, 2015, after armed gunmen stormed the offices leaving twelve dead, including two police officers, according to sources close to the investigation.KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP / Getty Images

World leaders, journalists' groups and others around the world have expressed horror at the deadly attack Wednesday by gunmen on the Paris offices of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. Here are some of their reactions:

"I don't understand how people can attack a newspaper with heavy weapons. A newspaper is not a weapon of war." – Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief Gérard Biard to France Inter radio

"This is an act of exceptional barbarism." – French PresidentFrançois Hollande

"France is America's oldest ally, and has stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States in the fight against terrorists who threaten our shared security and the world. Time and again, the French people have stood up for the universal values that generations of our people have defended. France, and the great city of Paris, where this outrageous attack took place, offer the world a timeless example that will endure well beyond the hateful vision of these killers." – U.S. President Barack Obama

"While the terrorists are intensifying their acts to exacerbate the confrontation inside our country, both Muslim[s] and Christians have to intensify their actions to give more strength to this dialogue, to make a united front against extremism." – Mohammed Moussaoui, president of the Union of French mosques

"We decisively condemn this cynical crime. We reaffirm our readiness to continue active co-operation in combatting the threat of terrorism." – Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a telegram of condolence to Mr. Hollande

"This horrific attack was meant to divide. We must not fall into that trap. This is a moment for solidarity around the world." – United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

"This is a brazen assault on free expression in the heart of Europe." – Robert Mahoney, deputy director of the Committee to Protect Journalists

"This will create fear among people on a whole different level than we're used to. Charlie Hebdo was a small oasis. Not many dared do what they did." – Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who lives under police protection after drawing caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed

"This House and this country stand united with the French people in our opposition to all forms of terrorism and we stand squarely for free speech and democracy. These people will never be able to take us off those values." – British Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons

"Charlie Hebdo was among the magazines that showed the most solidarity with Jyllands-Posten when the Muhammad crisis was at its peak. We haven't forgotten that. Here at Jyllands-Posten we feel strongly for our colleagues in Paris." – Editorial in Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which faced numerous threats and foiled attacks after it published 12 caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed in 2005

"All NATO allies stand together in the fight against terrorism. Terrorism in all its forms and manifestations can never be tolerated or justified." – NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg