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Scott Thompson is currently appearing in Beauty and the Beast at the Elgin Theatre in Toronto.

Are you married?

No, I'm not.



How many spouses are "enough"?

It depends on the person, honestly. Me, I'm a one-person guy. I'm not a multitasker. You need to be a multitasker to be involved in a polyamorous relationship.

"Polyamorous" - great word!

Yeah, isn't it? The trick about marriage, the whole idea of staying with someone your entire life, was developed when people didn't live much past 40 or 50. Now that people live so much longer, it's a much more difficult thing. I think polygamy will be accepted.

By the nation or by yourself?

Oh, I accept it already. As a gay man, I consider myself in many ways, until very recently, outside the law. So I don't want to judge other people for their relationships. If that's what turns their crank and they are all agreed, I don't see why I would want to stop it.

The current law against polygamy is being judged on constitutional grounds - as possibly infringing on freedom of religion. Polygamy may soon be deemed legal, but is it rational?

It's as rational as wanting to be with someone forever and ever and ever and never touching another human being sexually. Love is irrational. That's what makes it a beautiful thing.

If polygamy became legal and Canada became a magnet for polygamists, would that trouble you?

The cultures that allow polygamy are also the cultures that are the most anti-gay. I find that troubling. The people who said gay marriage would open the floodgates so you'd marry your dog and all the rest; I didn't think that was going to happen. But I did see this coming. I did think this will open the door to polygamy.

Just because some cultures do polygamy in a way I find troubling doesn't mean it can't be done in a way that I don't find troubling.

Which way is that?

No child brides. Where it's not being forced on women by male figures and their families.

Why is polygamy assumed to mean men marrying multiple women?

The male sex drive is stronger than the female sex drive. Polygamy is just an excuse for men to have more sex. In some ways, we're living in a fool's paradise to think that a man in his early 20s is only going to be with one woman for the rest of his life. It was a lot easier for my parents' generation when everything reinforced that. We live in a culture now that doesn't reinforce that.

What's the point of six wives and 27 children?

I don't know. It shows a certain amount of insecurity on the male's part. Flaunting your sperm count. There are people who have a wife and a mistress with everybody knowing. That's polygamy without the paper.

One spouse is deemed okay; more is seen as excessive. What's wrong with excess?

It depends on each person. Everyone has different sexual appetites, different needs. I think it would just be too much work. For me. I can't do that with my heart. Split it. I'm not made that way. Some people are. I say go for it!