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“The split-second decision of whether or not to stand up for yourself when a stranger touches your body is one that women make every day,” Denise Balkissoon writes in her widely read column Whether or not to body-slam a groper is a split-second, personal decision. Today’s comments are selected from her piece.

Wow, that takes a lot of nerve. But anyone who reads the comments here knows that this writer has guts galore compared to the small-handed harassers who regularly relieve themselves in her lane. This persistent display of courage and writing under pressure deserves a medal for going to great lengths in sharing this story and a bonus for always refusing to be drowned in the deep ends of sexism and racism. - glong234

Thank you, Ms. Balkissoon. Your words offer insight and strength to women of all ages. - Mylife1

Must be brutal to deal with that once, let alone constantly. I am glad you found the words to tell him to stop. Glad that you were believed. - TonyRage

Thanks for writing this column. We forget that life isn’t like Hollywood and our reactions are not from a script. There is no playbook. I will share this with my daughter. - CeeRBee

Good for you for standing up to the creep. - sceptical1

Good for Ms. Balkissoon for not letting it go. I hope you never have to encounter him in the pool again. More body slamming and less acquiescence. - brndawg

I still have trouble standing up for myself, after I was kicked out of a bar in my very early twenties for punching a guy that put his hand up under my skirt and into my underpants. It was -30 out and the bouncers dumped me outside without letting my get my coat from coat check, which had my keys. I cannot imagine the same situation playing out nearly so badly nowadays, but nearly freezing to death really put a damper on my acting violently towards people with touching problems. - Merrillicious

Agreed. I’m a man and I cannot fathom someone thinking that this is ok. - Rationalthought

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