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Steel pipe to be used in the oil pipeline construction of Kinder Morgan Canada's Trans Mountain Expansion Project sit on rail cars at a stockpile site in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada May 29, 2018. REUTERS/Dennis Owen/File PhotoDENNIS OWEN/Reuters

In response to Gary Mason’s Column, Justin Trudeau’s Faustian bargain

“There is simply no way to satisfy everyone on this whole pipeline business. I hate the idea of a pipeline but I recognize the importance of jobs to our way of life. It’s really easy to criticize the oil industry when you have a secure job in a different sector. I think Trudeau has shown some bravery on this issue.” - PJNolan

“The BC and Canadian governments refuse to enforce court orders against the protestors. This lawlessness tells investors and businesses that our governments will not protect them against the illegal activities of various groups that oppose development. This is another very sad day for Canada and the price we all pay is incalculable.” - Rouser9

In response to Jeff Lewis and Kelly Cryderman’s article, Ottawa has ‘limited options’ among field of potential Trans Mountain buyers

“In time, the project will advance, protesters (and the press) will lose more and more interest and potential buyers will begin lining up. In my mind, it wasn’t the best option for the feds to purchase this business -- federal legislation would have been -- but it’s the next best thing. I firmly believe that if this is handled prudently the federal government will actually ‘look good’ for their decision, although by then it may be a different party governing the country!” - Brad Brien

“I think that this pipeline is an excellent use of the crown corporation structure. The Federal Government holds all the cards here. They know they can get this project up and running, they can borrow the funds for construction at rates less than a private entity. In two or three years this pipeline will become a saleable asset which the government can sell and may even turn a profit on it.

The whole process of early sale attempt this summer is done to demonstrate to the market that the Feds are not interfering in the economy in an area where private business would be willing to compete.” - NewWest

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