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Ontario premier-designate Doug Ford leaves after announcing his commitment to keeping the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in operation until 2024 in Pickering, Ont., on Thursday, June 21, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan DenetteNathan Denette/The Canadian Press

The telltale signals of what kind of leader Ford will be by Adam Radwanski

It is far too early to say what type of leader he is going to be. All new governments want to get going, get some early quick results as wins before having to do the tough sledding of actually leading and operating a successful government. However, his comments on new subways to places they have never been mentioned before shows he suffers from the same problem as many other politicians which is he likes shiny new objects. Before starting plans on new projects, why doesn’t he make sure the current projects on the books will actually move forward and the existing transportation systems can run effectively. - J. K. Galbraith

I am deeply suspicious of anybody who makes stark promises with no understanding of the details. That is Ford in a nutshell. The only way I can see that his policies (such as they are) can benefit Ontario is if he somehow shows a nimbleness in implementation that he has never shown before. - Don227

The provincial debt cannot be fixed in a single budget and deficits will actually grow if Ford follows through on his promises to cut income and gasoline taxes and raise spending on health care. Ford may feel inclined to slash spending on things he doesn’t value, but if he delivers on even a fraction of his tax reduction promises, the deficit will just keep growing. And we’re at the top of the economic cycle. What will happen when there’s an economic downturn? We’re about to get a large dose of government by sloganeering. - highconcept

In New York in the 1990′s, then Mayor Giuliani instituted several crime reduction programs based on the “broken window” philosophy. That is, focus on the strict enforcement of the law for petty crimes and it will change people’s attitudes such that overall crime will be reduced. It was wildly successful. Doug Ford is using a similar strategy. Focus on a lot of little things that are wasteful in order to send a big message - Ontario taxpayers will no longer tolerate governments that waste our money on a myriad of boondoggles. Good for him. - Sue Howard

If not carbon pricing in Ontario – which works well – then what, Mr. Ford? by Dale Beugin, Don Drummond, Glen Hodgson and Mel Cappe

Looking forward to a break at the pumps from this tax. These folks won’t be happy until transportation costs and energy costs are unaffordable for the average person. - Tinman1957

The PCs would have been smarter if they’d campaigned against the way the revenue from cap and trade was spent rather than against cap and trade itself. BC returns the revenue to residents as tax relief, and this would work well in Ontario as well. - megd

It should have become obvious by now that the Conservatives either don’t believe in climate change or just don’t care. Apparently the people of Ontario don’t either. It is a poor reflection on us as Province that we are so driven by self interest that we have no regard for the planet we will leave for our future generations. - M_G

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