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From, Laureen Harper, Rona Ambrose throw support behind SheLeads Foundation, by Kelly Cryderman

Great to see strong women who will inspire and guide other women who aspire to careers in politics. - Layla4

In response to Layla4′s comment:

Agreed! The Liberals and now with Ashton’s group the NDP have had such mentoring initiatives for years and it is past time for Conservative women considering running for office to have a similar support system.

The fact that it is being organized by two respected, accomplished and modern, moderate conservative women is important for credibility and effectiveness.

It was legendary Ottawa mayor in the 1950s and 60s Charlotte Whitton who first said “Whatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.”

This was the reality in those times and fortunately it is changing fairly quickly today.

This new initiative will be helpful in that regard.

Politically capable women don't need the reverse discrimination of arbitrary and condescending quotas to compete in elections but they do need mentoring and support and this will give it to them.

And it is interesting to note that almost all of the most prominent women world statemen (statespeople?) from Ghandi to Thatcher to Merkel have been conservative by the standards of their countries in their times.

Great good luck to the SheLeads Foundation. - Teddy Ballgame 9

Open this photo in gallery:

TOPSHOT - Flames rise as a wildfire burns in the town of Rafina, near Athens, on July 23, 2018.ANGELOS TZORTZINIS/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

From, Families found clasped in last embrace as Greek wildfires kill at least 74

2018 is currently Greece’s hottest year to date on record. The last, in 2007, also saw major wildfires. Oddly enough, it’s also Sweden’s warmest spring and summer on record, with record-setting wildfires too.

And it’s also Turkey, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Egypt and Pakistan’s warmest years on record. Hundreds have died and over 20,000 have been hospitalized in Japan as a result of its (ongoing) record heat wave. And of course, nearly 100 died in Quebec as a result of its late June/early July heat wave.

It’s almost as if temperatures are rising around the globe, for some reason. - Mark Shore

From, Trump tweets tariffs ‘are the greatest’ and threatens additional levies

Well from Trumps stand of view, he has a point. All the parties are clamouring over themselves to go to DC over and over again to do talks. The ball is in USA court, just due to their size and strength. - Kothar

What a riot it is Trump blaming unfair trade practices for the loss of manufacturing jobs in the United States.

Those who figure among his biggest supporters were all to eager to move manufacturing offshore to cut costs. If you want to move automobile production to the maquiladora to rid yourself of those pesky living wages and safe working conditions, outsource all of your electronics to the Pacific rim, and get three dollar T-shirts made in third world sweatshops, have at it.

But don’t whine when it results in job losses. - WhistlinInTheDark

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